Oklahoma City Outdoor Activities

Oklahoma City Outdoor ActivitiesNature has a big attitude in Oklahoma City. With a land area 3rd to Anchorage and Fairbanks, it's no surprise that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the city. Fishing, hiking, biking and boating are just some of the most popular hobbies that made our list. Find out exactly where to go in OKC for the best outdoor spots.

Martin Park Nature Center
Nature is calling at OKC's Martin Park Nature Center. The 140 acre wildlife sanctuary offers an opportunity to observe birds, butterflies, squirrels, fox and reptiles in their natural habitat. Take one of three hiking trails, where you'll travel around a pond and a creek, beside wildflower meadows, and through the park's woodlands. After your journey outdoors, the hands-on nature museum will teach you about the nature you saw throughout the day.

Address: 5000 W. Memorial Rd., Oklahoma City, OK - Map
Phone: (405) 755-0676
Web: www.okc.gov

Myriad Botanical Gardens
Experience a tropical outdoor paradise at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, located in downtown Oklahoma City. Take a walk through the Tropical Rain Forest Zone where you'll see towering palms and hear the crashing waterfalls, and discover over 1,000 different species of plants from 6 different continents. After you explore the grounds you can register for ecology classes.

Address: 301 W. Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 - Map
Phone: (405) 297-3995
Web: www.myriadgardens.com

Chesapeake Boathouse
The premier sport and recreation destination in Oklahoma City is the Chesapeake Boathouse. The facility's landmark building is one of the city's most stunning architectural designs. Metro residents enjoy everything from water sports like rowing, kayaking, and dragon boating, to fitness sports like running, cycling, advanced cardio and weight training. There are even yoga classes and bicycle rentals offered to visitors.

Address: 725 S. Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK - Map
Phone: (405) 552-4040
Web: www.boathousedistrict.org

Route 66
OKC's newest parks and recreation hot spot, Route 66, is family friendly outdoor fun on the city's Lake Overholser. Kids can play on the playground, see a live performance at the amphitheatre, climb to the top of the three story observation tower, skate around at the skate park, stroll along on the walking trails and more.

Address: 9901 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73141 - Map
Phone: (405) 297-2211
Web: www.okc.gov

Lake Hefner
Spend a day outdoors under the Oklahoma City sun on Lake Hefner, rated one of the best lakes for sail boarding. You'll enjoy all the adventure this lake has to offer, whether you like to sail board, boat, fish, hike or bike the surrounding trails - fun in the sun is active here.

Address: 3301 NW Grand Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73132 - Map
Phone: (405) 297-2756
Web: www.okc.gov

OKC Kayak Company
Truly great outdoor kayak adventures are something to brag about at the OKC Kayak. Imagine yourself in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez while kayaking or on a guided wildlife and river tour of Lake Hefner. Sign up today for your private lesson, trip or local tour. This experience is what we like to call wet and wild!

Address: 220 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73106 - Map
Phone: (405) 830-9689
Web: www.okckayak.com